It Happens…

Unit admissions offices often wait for beds for referrals solely because the names of those discharged have not yet been erased from the whiteboard! The admissions staff needs live information to manage the flow of referrals and discharges. Accurate tracking and reporting of the number of individuals being treated not only ensures the acuity of those being served, it also helps prove the need for sufficient staffing levels to provide optimum care.




The Trouble With Whiteboards

  • Limited to one location
  • Does not store information from days past
  • Info can’t be easily shared with outside stakeholders
  • Content must be handwritten and can be difficult to read and maintain
  • Not able to push or pull information from other sources automatically


Once Smudged Or Erased, The Info Is Gone Forever!

Replace hand-written whiteboards with high-tech data capture, dashboards, and reliable reporting



Easy to Read Electronic Display  Replaces the Dry Erase Board and Tracks Data in Real Time


Crisis Tech 360 is for decision makers in any organization seeking:

  • To understand and prove the efficiency and effectiveness of their customer service
  • To accurately measure the productivity of their teams
  • To prove the ROI of their efforts through detailed dashboards and reports



The Advantages of an Electronic Board:

  • Accessible from any computer – internal or external
  • Mobile-enabled for use with smartphones and tablets
  • Staff able to get real-time accurate data
  • All info is stored, easily retrievable and reportable
  • Always legible – regardless of users’ penmanship!
  • Able to push and pull information from multiple sources
  • Maintains continuous and historical records
  • Will never smudge, smear or wipe off!